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Hello! My name is Victoria and I am the creator of Cosy Colouring Books, a whole world of cute animal friends living in Cosyville.

Each book follows the adorable animal residents while they go about their days throughout the seasons and different holidays.

Cosy Colouring is also branching out into other goods such as, stickers, bags, cards and more!

Victoria Brand profile photograph

Small Business, Big Dreams

I am located in Glasgow, Scotland, and I run Cosy Colouring with the support of my daughter and cat 'Stormy'. Every colouring book page has been drawn by hand in pencil, scanned into the ipad and digitised. Every product has been designed and illustrated by myself.


Cosy Colouring started with a concept in August 2023, and by September 2024 I had created Cosy Colouring book 1 and had it up for sale on Amazon.

At the end of 2023 I decided to start a TikTok account for Cosy Colouring and a TikTok Shop. I have the most amazing and engaged followers on the platform and TikTok shop has been amazing for my business.

I want to make Cosy Colouring books, and the residents of Cosyville a recognisable brand that people connect with. I would love it if you followed along and joined our Cosy Colouring Family.

Thank you so much for your support — it means so much to me, and I really do a happy dance when someone orders from me!

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