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Doing things differently

I often wonder why I am still wandering in a creative desert. You know when you do all the things, come up with great ideas and produce good work — you are looking to build a business around that but nothing quite sticks, and the tumbleweed rolls by. Do you ever feel that way?

Let’s be honest with ourselves (ok this might just be me) — but I have been on a flighty, whimsical journey of flitting from this to that, not being consistent, always trying to find the ‘next big thing’ — the best way to monetise my talent. Maybe you can relate?

I have listened to all the podcasts, taken soooo many courses, joined memberships and listened to the gurus. I have spent years sucking in all of the knowledge, but still feeling stuck and not sure where to start (properly).

I have been chasing instant success, the disease of our time.

I have sucked at being consistent with anything on my journey of creative entrepreneurship, so I am starting there.

I pledge that I am going to consistently make creative work, blog about what I am doing and my experiences, add items to my Etsy shop and add work to Instagram.

Ahhhhhh — it’s so good to get that written down and out there in the Universe. Are you listening Universe? I have set my intention!

Set an intention with me too. It might not be that you are embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, but think about something that has been tugging at your heart, that whisper that is getting louder and louder that’s always in the back of your head. It’s there for a reason — do you want to practice more self care? Read more books? Learn something new? Let’s do it! Set your intention to start, make a schedule for doing the thing, and be consistent.

Download your own pledge to yourself here and fill in what you are intending on doing. Put it up somewhere you will see it several times a day to remind you that you can do this!

Let me know in the comments what you are pledging to do?

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