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Force Of Nature
Force Of Nature, all NFT images in the collection

The concept behind Force of Nature is to embody the amazing resilience, emotion and power of the female psyche. To celebrate all women’s unique powers and to help embolden them to see their powers too.


I know what it’s like to feel small and undervalued — and it can be easy to believe that we are only worth what others think of us. We all have many and different superpowers — some are loud — some whisper softly — and I want to remind women that they are so unique and wonderful for just being — and that we truly are a force of nature.


I love mixing analogue and digital and the collection was created by generating marks and textures with ink on paper and then digitising them in Photoshop — mix that in with some photography and creativity, and the Force Of Nature Collection was born.


The collection is available on Opensea at 0.03 ETH


Every primary collector will also receive an archival print at 12” x 12” posted anywhere in the world.

War Animals Charity NFT Heading
War Animals NFT
War Animals Charity NFT Image

My heart is aching at the devastation and destruction in Ukraine. I cannot imagine the suffering that is being endured. I cannot imagine trying to flee with your pet or having to leave your pet behind.

There are a lot of animal shelters that need our help to keep going — with food and fuel getting harder to come by. To the brave and wonderful human beings that are helping all these poor creatures my heart goes out to you.

In the smallest way that I can I am creating artwork that will be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to help the animals in Ukraine.

The artwork will be sold in a series of 30.


The collection is available on Opensea at 0.015 ETH

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