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Victoria Brand is a Scottish graphic designer, lecturer and NFT artist.


She specialises in abstract, collage based graphic digital art and NFT’s, taking inspiration from the female psyche and nature.


Victoria’s art is vibrant, bold and unique. Her personal technique fuses analogue mark making with digital manipulation, resulting in an adventurous array of colours, marks and patterns.


Her first NFT project ‘Force Of Nature’ launched at the beginning of March 2022, and has gained her standing within the community by being chosen as one of the 100 women in NFT’s and also being chosen to participate in the NFTLiverpool exhibition.


In June, Victoria will also be hosting her first public speaking engagement at the ‘Adventures in Tech’ festival in Glasgow, Scotland where she will promote the #WomeninNfts initiative.


Victoria is working on producing her second and third NFT projects, along with creating a course for creatives on how to ‘Mint your first NFT’ in 5 days.


100 Women In NFTS Interview

Path To Passion (coming soon)


2022 – NFT Liverpool (Adelia Gallery)

2022 – Adventures In Tech Festival (Glasgow)


2022 – Adventures In Tech Festival (Glasgow)

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